“Guy” Vodka: Decoding/Deconstructing Advertising


Much thanks goes out to SKYY Vodka for infinitely and inevitably making women seem as nothing but a sexual object. This advertisement clearly displays the stereotypical, condescending, emblematic structure of women in today’s media-run society. Not only this, but also this ad may deem offensive to males alike. SKYY Vodka is marketing this ad by displaying a sexy ahem photoshopped woman in a string bikini, assuming it orthodox that all men will buy into this. In addition, one should make note of the title of the ad: Riviera Rendezvous. Presumably, with the man offering the vodka intends to take advantage of the intoxicated state of the scantily-clad female. Yet another degrading feature to both males and females.

Now, let’s focus on, well, the focal point. What immediately attracts your eyes? SKYY Vodka even chose such a design to contrast these, um, assets, to make it even that much more attention-grabbing. And let us evaluate the surface area of clothing on each model. SKYY Vodka was so creative in this advertisement to display a nearly naked woman at the feet of a man. How are women ever supposed to obtain the rights they have been fighting for when companies continue to exhibit us as submissive?

So, to say the least, this is an offensive ad. An extremely offensive ad. But let’s face it, it is effective. Provocotive ads have proven successful for years. As much as we try to oppose the wrong, both women and men are guilty consumers of such degrading advertisements. SKYY Vodka is trying to provoke with this ad that if you drink SKYY vodka, you can feel sexy (and it is sad to say that this is what we, the general population, think sexy is). And no, they have not left out the opposing sex. It is being perceived that the men who buy and share this alcoholic beverage will benefit in a gorgeous woman.

Well, in the end it truly does come down to the media consumers. And to tell you the truth, as a female, I am not completely perturbed by this image. Normally, I would not even think twice about this advertisement if I stumbled upon it flipping through a magazine. Our generation has become so desensitized that we do not find this unacceptable, but yet regular; it is nothing but a sample of normalcy. So if this is what is acceptable now, what about in five years? Will we have lost complete morality by then?

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